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BRISAMA Ayurveda
Boutique Hotel

The brand-new resort (opened in January 2018) has only four non-smoking guest rooms which are equipped with king-sized beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, safes and free Wi-Fi; the spacious bathrooms come with rain showers, hairdryers and Ayurvedic soap. We also supply you with sarongs and special undergarments for your treatments because the massage oils leave stains that are hard to remove.

POOL:  Our 14m x 5m salt-water pool invites all guests to enjoy a refreshing swim. Pool towels are supplied.


THE  CURE:  An Ayurvedic cure (recommended duration two weeks minimum) strengthens your immune system and brings back vitality. According to the Ayurvedic ideas, there are three bio-energies (Doshas) that regulate all physical, spiritual and mental processes: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Through targeted and individualized treatments the harmony and interplay of energies is restored and your self-healing powers come alive. Treatments include massage, shirodhara, steam bath, herbal bath, inhalation, acupuncture and others, depending on a person’s specific requirements. Our certified Ayurveda physician and experienced therapists make sure that every guest will get professional treatment (2-3 hours daily), which will normally be finished by 1 p.m. so that the afternoon can be spent individually. People who are not quite convinced that Ayurveda really suits them are welcome to book a shorter stay.

We also offer complimentary Yoga.


FOOD:  All meals are freshly prepared according to Ayurvedic guidelines, designed for each dosha-type and mainly vegetarian. Herbal tea is available throughout the day.


CHILDREN:  Unfortunately, we can’t accept children under 15 years of age because most guests appreciate a quiet environment for their cure.


LANGUAGE:  Sufficient knowledge of English is vital.


AIRPORT  TRANSFER:  Can be organized if required and costs 80€ per car/one way (about 2 1/2 hours).

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